Comparison of TCO-survey was delivered

Mr. Kleppmann, President of CEWEP, received the survey on comparison between a waste-to-energy-plant with a landfill according to the method of Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).

Increasing energy prices causes, beside the national and EU-wide legal regulations, which forbid or restrict landfilling of untreated waste, an adjustment of waste management costs by landfilling and thermal treatment.

The survey reveals significant benefits for thermal treatment, especially considering the efficient thermal use (provision of district steam in a waste-to-energy-plant, WEP). Furthermore there is a lower inflation risk in the case of thermal treatment, because landfilling causes considerable investments and expenditure during the period of aftercare.

Considering both scenarios over a operating period of 20 years above, there will be further advantages for the scenario of thermal treatment: a WEP can be continue in operation with corresponding investment, a landfill will cause additional costs during the aftercare and new locations must be exploited.

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