Combined Dry Fermentation and Composting Plant Warngau

Reference Projekt:

Modification of Composting Plant to combined Dry Fermentation and Composting Plant Warngau, Landkreis Miesbach

The Problem:

Replacement of installation engineering under consideration of the improvement of the energy efficiency of the existing composting plant.

The Solution:

Deconstruction of the existing installation engineering and integration of the dry-fermentation unit with 4 fermentation-boxes and 5 intensive rotting boxes.


VIVO Kommunalunternehmen


2008 – 2010
Planning by ia GmbH with participation of Witzenhausen-Institute for Waste, Environment and Energy GmbH (Witzenhausen Institut für Abfall, Umwelt und Energie GmbH)

Picture gallery: rebuilding of the composting plant Warngau

The rebuilding of the composting plant Warngau (VIVO KU) in a  in eine biological waste fermentation plant was nearly completed in December 2010 and the plant was put into service.
In 2010 the first power input pertinent to the EEG support taken into service as planned.
14.000 Mg/a bio- and green waste from the administrative district Miesbach are processed in the plant.