Fermentation Process Kirchstockach

Reference Project:

Extension of Fermentation Unit, Bio-Waste Fermentation Plant Kirchstockach, Landkreis Munich


Low gas-production is caused by short holding times in the fermentation unit.


Through extansion of the reactor capacity in the fermentation unit a longer holding time of the suspension and a higher gas production will be achieved.


Administrative District Office Munich (Landratsamt M√ľnchen)


2008 till 2012
After the evaluation of economic efficiency through ia GmbH in 2008/2009 and the following public tenders the construction works started in March 2010.

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Test operation of the enhanced fermentation stage

After the transposition of the emergency flare, the enlargement of the container storage space, the construction of the hydrolysis reactor and the work of the piping systems currently the test operation with the final adjustments of the controll software is in progress. Listed below are some impressions of the work.